10 Blogs and Websites That Will Help YOURS

To be the best, learn from the best – Darren LaCroix

We’ve all sat after posting a new piece for our blog and despaired because no one seems to be interested in it. You’ve probably spent a significant amount of time writing that beautiful piece of stunning content but still, where is everybody? If you haven’t then you’re either lucky or lying because rest of us have all been through this at some point, and it sucks.

At some point, you’ll want to start looking at how to improve your blog and pick up some hints at tips. But the truth is, you’ve probably already done a whole load of reading about how to blog better in the future, and without knowing it, you’ve been picking up these tips with every blog you’ve read. If you’ve ever read a really popular blog post, then you’ve already seen the recipe for success. But how do you get there? How do YOU make YOUR posts better?

The 10 websites I’m about to share with you contain years, upon years, upon decades of experience, and it’s written by some of the leading minds in the blogosphere. And do you know what’s awesome? They want to share that experience and help you to blog better. These 10 websites will not only give you content for the next year, they’ll also give you some great tips on blogging better and advancing your writing.


Bloggingbasics101 is exactly what it says, it’s a website aimed at bloggers old and new who want to create great content or find new ways to write. It also provides some great ideas for content, a great way to beat that writer’s block.

Goins, Writer

Goins, Writer logo

Goins, Writer is owned and run by Jeff Goins, a blogger, speaker, and author who has helped to create a blog that is aimed at making OURS better. He also has a podcast that contains a whole bunch of information for bloggers of all niches, and of all experiences. He also offers lots of free resources for bloggers that are well worth downloading and will help to bring your writing along.


BlogTyrant is a website captained by Ramsay Taplin, a blogger who has successfully turned blogging into his business and a full-time day job. BlogTyrant is aimed at people who want to grow their blogs and create better content. It offers loads of free advice that has been proven to work. No quick fixes, just hard work and great advice from someone who wants you to be successful.



Awai (American Writers & Artists Inc) is aimed at aspiring writers and web-writers who want to improve their writing. I will mention that it caters mainly to those who want to start making money as freelance copy/writers and you may not be in the bracket, however, I do recommend them because they offer lots of resources for writers and it is all aimed at advancing your skills as a writer.


Quicksprout Logo

I have only recently found Quicksprout and I love the advice that is on offer. Quicksprout is owned and run by Neil Patel, a MASSIVE name in the world of online marketing. Again, you may not be thinking of yourself specifically as a ‘marketer’ but in actual fact, you are! Through your blog and your writing you’re marketing yourself, and if you want people to read what you’re writing you can’t go too far wrong with advice on offer here.


social media blogging

Blogtips is aimed at providing bloggers with tips on how to reach a bigger audience. I don’t mean to patronise here, I understand that the name is pretty self-explanatory but thought I’d summarise anyway. They offer great advice for bloggers of all experiences, for example, here’s a recent post aimed at new bloggers (click here to read the post). Ignore the ugly, outdated website, there is a goldmine of information available.


I love how much is on offer at dailyblogtips, they cater to pretty much every blogger and provide helpful posts and resources to help you along in your blogging journey. On the website, there is a ‘Blogging Basics‘ section and it’s great, I wish I’d read it when I first started out, it would have made things a lot easier for me.


Copyblogger logo

Pretty much everyone that’s googled anything to do with blogging advice will have come across Copyblogger, they’re that big. And they’re so well known for a number of reason, the biggest being that they provide consistently awesome advice for bloggers including tips and resources.



Bloggingwizard is not her site that is aimed at helping bloggers gain a larger audience but it doesn’t throw money around like it’s the be all and all, which I like. It offers sound advice and is suitable for even the greenest bloggers, for example, they offer advice on which blog name to choose, I think it’s awesome and if I’d found this two years ago, I would have been a lot farther down the road.



I’ve saved ProBlogger until last because it’s my personal favourite. ProBlogger is run by Darren Rowe, an affable Aussie who is seen as the ultimate blogger, he’s just that good. What I like about Darren (and Problogger) is that the advice he gives is backed up by his personal experiences as a blogger, both good and bad. I genuinely feel that Darren wants MY blog to be better, no wonder he’s doing so well! Seriously, I can’t recommend Problogger enough, they have tons of resources including eBooks and advice posts, they also run free courses for content writers who want to improve their skills. And lastly, give his a Podcast series a good listen to, it’s awesome, he’s awesome, life is awesome. No, seriously, you won’t regret it and you’ll take a lot of information away from it.

I hope you enjoyed my list of blogs that are aimed at making your blog better. If you did enjoy it, please like, share, and comment. I want to hear what advice you’ve been given that has or hasn’t worked for you. And let me know if you’ve come across any of these sites before, what did you think of them?

2 thoughts on “10 Blogs and Websites That Will Help YOURS

  1. I’ve heard of some of these, and I think I will add some of them to my reader! Thank you for sharing.

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    1. You’re very welcome Claudette, I hope you pick up lots of tips. Thanks for reading 😊

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