*Book Review* Wolves by D. J. Molles

*Book Review* Wolves by D. J. Molles

The blurb;

They took everything—killed his wife, enslaved his daughter, destroyed his life. Now he’s a man with nothing left to lose … and that’s what makes him so dangerous.

Ten years after the collapse, Huxley had built a good life again. He had a loving wife, a farm with fields of golden barley, and a daughter with a strange and wonderful gift. Then the slavers came. Working out in the fields during the attack, Huxley returns too late. His daughter has been taken and his wife is bleeding out, her last whispered words about a man with a scorpion tattoo on his neck.

Where do the slavers go? Huxley has no idea. He only knows that they headed east and so will he. But eighteen months later, dying of thirst in the open desert, he doesn’t expect to see another day.

Then a man appears out of the desert and offers Huxley water from his canteen—an unheard of kindness in these savage times—and he gives Huxley a new purpose. Together, Huxley and Jay carve a path of destruction across the remains of a once-great land. The slavers are brutal, but they have no idea what’s coming for them. Huxley has found something to live for again: blood and vengeance.

Wolves tells the story of Huxley, a doting father and a loving husband, whose world is ripped apart when his farm is attacked by slavers. Huxley is given the chance to avenge his family and so begins his dark and brutal journey to the man with the scorpion tattoo.

I’ll start by saying that there is a lot to like about this book, it’s dark, gritty, and brutal, and being a post-apocalyptic revenge novel, you’d expect it to be. What you don’t expect though, is the writing to be as good as this. Sometimes books have more style than substance but this doesn’t. It hits all of the right notes on its way to being an absolute thrill.

The environment created by the author is brilliant, it gives the reader everything they would want from a post-apocalyptic landscape; a new hope, the threat of famine, but even worse, the knowledge that danger lurks around every corner. It very much feels like a western and I think that serves to enhance the bleakness of the world created by Molles; it’s tough and it’s unforgiving.

The thing I liked most about Wolves was Huxley, the man who’s lost it all. I like the fact that the author truly has a vision and a feel for his main character. He strips him right back following the tragedy with his family, all that remains is an iron will and a determination for revenge; he’s brilliant. He’s a man who has had to adapt to a new world, one without luxuries and now he has to adapt to his new life, one that focuses on avenging his family, not protecting them. It all fits together extremely well.

I would definitely recommend Wolves to anyone that has an interest in post-apocalyptic/revenge/western/dark stories, particualrly those that aren’t afraid to spill blood or curse their brains out.


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