Blogger on Blogger: 10 Reasons to Start a Book Blog by ‘Above Average Nate’

Blogger on Blogger: 10 Reasons to Start a Book Blog by ‘Above Average Nate’

I’m super excited that Nate has agreed to put together a ’10 Reasons to Start a Book Blog’. Nate is an all-rounder, he blogs, has a presence on Youtube and has also published two books. He’s run 16 marathons (madness), and has backpacked around the UK (poor guy, it probably rained). You can check out his blog here and his youtube channel here. Nate blogs about travel, reading, and his thoughts. If you’re interested in reading what Nate has to say, you can access his books here.

10 Reasons to Start a Book Blog by Above Average Nate

Do you enjoy reading? Do you tell your friends and family about all the books you read? Wish you could keep a catalog of stories you fall in love with? Then starting a book blog may be for you.

1- Keeping a record

Whether you read 1,10, or 100 books, starting a book blog will allow you to keep track of the books you read over the years.

2- Share what you learn

When you write a review, you can share your personal takeaways from the book. Writing out what you learn from each book helps you remember and retain the knowledge your brain is soaking in.

3- Supporting favorite authors

Do you have a favorite author? A favorite series of books? Blogging about books allows you to give voice and show you appreciate for them. Sharing them also promotes and gives back to the authors that have given you fun days of reading.

4- Potential for free books

After a while, authors or publishers may ask you to review their upcoming book. In exchange for a review (which you do anyway) you get a free copy of their book. That’s a win-win for everyone involved.

5- Find like-minded people

Starting a book blog allows you to find other people who enjoy reading and talking about books. Maybe it’s in the form of an online community. It could also be learning a friend or coworkers shares your passion for reading. You never know until you begin writing.

6- Have a consistent writing schedule

If you ever wanted to be an author, having a book blog gives you a schedule to write. It can help you take the first step in getting your words and voice out to the world.

7- Find the kind of books you enjoy

Blogging about the books you read will give you an opportunity to write about why you enjoy a certain genre or author. You may also find out while reviewing the book that you didn’t actually like it. Both realizations are good.

8- Leave a legacy for friends and family

Sharing your reviews to the world gives a chance for family members to keep up with you. Your mom or grandma will be excited about each new post. Those that read will have a stronger connection with you at family gatherings and you can talk about something else other than the weather.

9- Become a better writer

Once you begin a writing schedule, you’ll improve as a writer. Having a book blog will give you feedback. The comments sections can show you if you’re improving on your writing and finding your voice.

10- Dent the universe

You never know who will read your blog and the impact it can have. It only takes one reader to gets more exposure or make an impact on someone else.

If these reasons resonated with you, go on out there and start blogging.

Who is Nate?

Nate Johnson of Above Average Nate. He’s no stranger to traveling. Nate’s love for travel started at a young age when he traveled around the United States with his family. Before Nate reached high school, he had already been to all fifty states! In college, Nate’s travel bug led him to do his first solo backpacking trip in England for one month. On his blog, Above Average Nate, you can read posts that show how he is inspired to live an above average life and travel is an important part of that. Nate has traveled to fourteen countries and is planning to travel around the world even more to experience other rich cultures. Nate Johnson has the aspirations to be a world-renowned writer. Nate continues to challenge and improve himself. Nate enjoys to read, run, and ramble. Nate is somewhere in the world living the dream.

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