A couple of books I can’t wait for in 2016!!

So, I thought I would compile a list of books that are slated for release in 2016 that I just can’t wait for! Leave a comment at the bottom of the page and let me know which books you’re most looking forward to being released this year. 


Brandon Sanderson – Stormlight Archive 3. The first two novels, ahem…TOMES were unbelievable. I bought the novels as complete instead of opting for the 2-part books. The fact that they are so long did not faze me, in fact, it kept me going. Sanderson has a way of doing that. He is like no other author that I have read up until this point. His world building is so original and his characters are intriguingly complex. The ending of The Way of Kings [no spoilers] had me jumping around the room. These books are soo cool. I have no doubt that the third one will be as good, if not better than its predecessors.

Web: brandonsanderson.com

Tw: @BrandonSanderson

F: http://www.facebook.com/BrandSanderson


Joe Abercrombie – Sharp Ends. Joe Abercrombie began with the First Law Trilogy, a series of books filled with action, fast-paced and detailed fight scenes and mounds of blood, guts, and swearing. Joe Abercrombie is one of my favourite authors right now, I find his books to be ‘unputdownable’. I actually blame him for some of my more unproductive work days as I have usually been awake until late reading his ’stuff’. I am expecting good things from Abercrombie’s short works set in the world of The First Law, he is a master at quickening the pace and I can see myself flying through these quick-time.

Web:  joeabercrombie.com

Tw: @LordGrimdark

F: http://www.facebook.com/joeabercrombieauthor

Mark Lawrence – The Broken Empire. Mark Lawrence debuted with Prince of Thorns in 2011 and rarely, for me, I caught it as soon as it was released. It blew my head off. The main character is not your typical anti-hero, he is more like the epitome. Dark, and at times cruel, Lawrence has split opinion across the board such are the themes and atrocious acts that are depicted in his works. I have read reviews from people who state that they could not finish the first chapter of Prince of Thorns; well, I feel sorry for them because they have missed a trick here. Lawrence’s writing is intelligent, darkly humorous and wrenching. You will never forget the stories that Lawrence has written down because they are gripping. The Broken Empire is not a collection of new works – it contains Prince of Thorns, King of Thorns and Empire of Thorns – but I have added it here because people should buy the hell out of it.

Web: marklawrence.buzz

Tw: @Mark__Lawrence (two underscores)

F: http://www.facebook.com/MarkLawrenceBooks



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